Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beginning with God - an experiment in prayer

Try closing your eyes and imagine your bedroom. If you look around you can see all of the things that are there. You’re not really there, but you can still see it. And this is where God can speak to us.

So if you ask Him a question, and sit in silence, close your eyes and just let Him speak to you, it may take a while and it may not be what you wanted to hear, but if you let Him, and don’t try to force Him, He will speak. It may be an image, words, a desire, a sense of something, an impression, a feeling, becoming peaceful, or just being refreshed and energized.

In our lives we fill our heads and our minds with noise, music, TV, conversations, text messages, so sometimes it can take us a while to learn the difference between listening to God’s voice and our own voice. But talking with God is just like any friendship. It takes time to get to know each other and to understand the person you’re talking to. In time you will feel more confident and it will become easier to know when you are listening to God and when you are listening to the world.

My friend Jossy adds: Sometimes God also uses other people to talk to us.... to remind us or give us a hint that He is trying to communicate with us....Its just like the soundwaves in the air.. they are ever present but only when our antenna recieves them, we wd be able to hear clearly.....I'm so glad that I experience the peace in Him... Its worth the experiment...