Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thin place...

Old Celtic Christians believed in 'thin places' - where the gap between earth and heaven is 'thin'. I'm off to Holy Island - Lindisfarne, one such place. In The Way of a Pilgrim the Pilgrim travels on a sacred journey or quest in search of wisdom; how to pray continually using the Jesus Prayer. What will I have discovered on my return from this pilgrimage I wonder? Picture courtesy of Terry - Celtic music maker

Saturday, October 22, 2005

the beauty of colour

There's something about the beauty of the colours and the feel of the woven cord on prayer cords - a friend has just asked me to make her one in Irish Spring - a mix of green colours. Having something to hold and use that's a thing of beauty itself, is inspiring - like nature.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pearls of Life and the Lord's Prayer...

Not long ago I sent for a set of 'Pearls of Life' from Sweden by Martin Lonnebo - I wear them on my wrist and I've been following his Meditations for each pearl - but recently I've been more and more convinced that Jesus taught his followers the 'Lord's Prayer' or 'Our Father', as a pattern for them in response to their question; 'Teach us to pray' (they didn't ask 'teach us a prayer' did they?) - it seems that the Church largely promotes his teaching as just a prayer rather than the holistic way of praying Jesus intended; how short we're being sold!

Then I came across Andii Bowsher's blog 'anamchairde' on the Paternoster Rosary by happy coincidence - and now I notice that Lonnebo has written about the connection between the Pearls of Life and the Lord's (way of) Prayer - see the July Word of the Month on the first pearl of Love.

Worship 'Trick'

Worship 'Trick' No. 30 from Jonny Baker is about making Jesus Prayer Ropes. Read it here: Jonny Baker's Worship Trick No. 30

Depression and Mental Health

I wonder if anyone has any experience of this type of prayer helping them with mental health issues or depression? Maybe meditation helps deal with root causes rather than symptoms like anti-depressants, although I'm not denying medication may be helpful for a time.

Physical focus for prayer...

I use the Prayer cord to help me focus. It's physical - the feel of the knots in my hand help my mind not to wander. You don't have to say a lot of stuff; there's a stilling quality about doing it - it's about being in the presence of God in stillness.

I start off with the Cross. I normally say the Lord's Prayer, then I say either 'Lord have mercy' or 'Lord have mercy on me, a sinner'. On each knot I pray for a friend or family member. In the gaps between knots I say 'Lord have mercy'. I'm just holding the person in my hand before God asking God to remember them. I know that God takes over the burden even if I don't stop being concerned about them. CHANDY

Using the beads - giving names to God

I find the Prayer Cord comforting. It's a physical reminder of my close relationship with God every day, so I keep it with me all the time. I use it to pray for my friends or any big issues. When I'm really stressed I use the beads and just give people's names to God - and if they've a very big problem then they get lots of beads! I believe God drops people's names into my head. In my moments of greatest stress it was the only thing that gave me any peace. CAROLE