Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rejecting traditional Spirituality? I think not...

Last night went to hear Ian Mobsby of emerging church MOOT speaking at Blah Birmingham. Ian quoted research suggesting that people are turning away from the traditional spiritualities of the churches to alternative spiritualities informed by New Age - I have to disagree - why? because I don't see many churches actually teaching people how to practice traditional christian spirituality. How many churches are teaching people how to pray, to meditate, ways of contemplative prayer, lectio and deep engagement with Scripture, really? What people are turning away from then, is the shallower stuff that's going on. I wonder what would happen if the discipleship practices of the christian Tradition (with a capital 'T' rather than 'traditions') were being taught, practised and promoted? As Ian said, it's the perceived traditional spirituality people are leaving behind...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I came across these 'boazbands' - wristbands crafted by refugees living in BOAZ houses in Manchester. They tell a story...Grand-père Boaz sat warming his old bones in the hot African sun.“Tell me a story,” said a little voice at his side, “tell me the story of the Kinsman-Redeemer.”“Oh yes, it is a great story,” said Grand-père Boaz, “and it is a most important story.”Running his fingers over his bracelet he began –“When I see this blue bead I am reminded of ...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Desert Monks Story

At Celtic Morning Prayer yesterday we had this story - love it!
'Once Abbot Antony was conversing with some brethren, and a hunter who was after game in the wilderness came upon them. He saw Abbot Antony and the brothers enjoying themselves, and disapproved. Abbot Antony said: 'Put a an arrow in your bow and shoot it.'
This he did.
'Now shoot another,' said the Elder. 'And another, and another.'
Then the hunter said: 'If I bend my bow all the time it will break.'
Abbot Antony replied: 'So it is also in the work of God. If we push ourselves beyond measure, the brethren will soon collapse. It is right therefore, from time to time, to relax.' Celtic Daily Prayer