Tuesday, December 12, 2006

God loves in a nutshell

In the autumn children gather conkers - this is a dried one I collected - it reminds me of Julian of Norwich: 'It was at this time that our Lord showed me spiritually how intimately he loves us. I saw that he is everything that we know to be good and helpful. In his love he clothes us.. And he showed me more, a little thing, the size of a hazel-nut, on the palm of my hand, round like a ball. I looked at it thoughtfully and wondered, 'What is this?' and the answer came, 'It is all that is made.' I marvelled that it continued to exist and did not suddenly disintegrate; it was so small. And again my mind supplied the answer, 'It exists, both now and for ever, because God loves it.' In short, everything owes its existence to the love of God.' Take time out to think on the wonder of God's love for you and creation as you journey around the Prayer Cord. Andrew